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Port St. Lucie’s finest equestrian center offering boarding and training.

TuBahd Farms is a top-notch boarding facility in Port St. Lucie Florida for the past 40 years. TuBahd Farms is designed to meet the needs of every equestrian disciplines. Nestled on the 30 acre facility is adjacent to 4,500 acres of natural state preserve land, mapped with equestrian trails.  The training and leadership at TuBahd has lead to the success of many equestrian eventers and continues to enrich the local community.

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 “Wonderful boarding facility with great people who really care! Close to Savannah state park and beautiful trails!”Stacey Harkcom

Contact (772) 878-4829

Tu-Bahd Farms, Inc, 1100 Tilton Rd, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952