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Tu-Bahd Farms, Inc

TuBahd Farms is a top-notch boarding facility in Port St. Lucie Florida for the past 40 years. TuBahd Farms is designed to meet the needs of every equestrian disciplines. Nestled on the 30 acre facility is adjacent to 4,500 acres of natural state preserve land, mapped with equestrian trails.  The training and leadership at TuBahd has lead to the success of many equestrian eventers and continues to enrich the local community.

Our Facility

  • A large lighted indoor arena with great footing.
  • A designated jump area, including crossrails for the beginner up to 4ft.
  • An open arena with a covered viewing area.
  • Round pens
  • Outdoor wash rack with hot and cold water
  • Tack rooms
  • Access to on and off property trails adjacent to 4,500 acres of natural state preserve land, mapped with equestrian trails, available to our guests and boarders to enjoy.

Happiest & Healthiest

Our primary focus is to provide a home where horses can be their happiest and healthiest. We work hand-in-hand with the nutritionists at MannaPro to develop a well balanced independent nutrition program for each horse.  Our hay is imported directly from the growers, free from preservatives and harmful dyes.

“Port St. Lucie’s finest equestrian center offering boarding and training.”


  • Well bedded stalls
  • Automatic waters
  • Stall mucking daily
    • Blanketing
    • Farrier supervision and scheduling
    • Vet supervision and scheduling
    • Worming- Billed separately
    • Blanket Cleaning– Billed Separately upon request
    • Night Check- Owners live on site and offer 24 hour a day monitoring
  • Twice daily feedings
  • Daily turnout

Horse Training

TuBahd Farms provides individualized training board for you and your horse. We are experienced with starting young horses all the way through top show contenders. Training board includes full board plus a combination of lessons and training for horse and rider. We also accept horses for just training, no lessons.

TuBahd Farms has a proven record of bringing young horses to their full potential. They also are able to work with your horse to resolve training issues and make your horse an improved athlete.


“Couldn’t ask for a better place to have your horse boarded and a place for your family to hang out.” – Holly Milano

“Great place for children and adults, always treated as family!! Excellent instructors and boarding facility. Would highly recommend a visit there and see for your self.” – Gail Dufresne

“Everyone was so nice at Tu-Bahds. The horses were well cared for and were very friendly. I would highly recommend the stables.” – Susan Kane

“Wow.. I loved seeing all the beautiful horses and riding this handsome one named Mikey. The people there were also very nice and courteous and I would definitely go back again. Thank you Christine for taking your time and working with me.” – Kelz Lechnir

“Wonderful boarding facility with great people who really care! Close to Savannah state park and beautiful trails!” – Stacey Harkcom

“Great trainers, lots of fun times and great memories. Miss Tu Bahd so much!” – Marge Heald